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THE PRINCESS ACADEMY (TPA) was founded by Queen Ernylee I of the Kingdom of Bellelealand mainly because of the many requests that she received from girls wanting to become princesses.  Normally, royal hierarchy dictates that the title of princess is only available to females born to a King or Queen or  ones that marries a prince.  A princess has no ruling power.  She is subject to the King or Queen and acts more as an ambassador than a ruler.  A princess may become a Queen upon the death of a ruling parent (if laws allow for a woman to rule and she is the first born) or when her prince husband is made King.  

Sometimes laws do not allow for a female to rule, but in the Kingdom of Bellelealand, both males and females can rule.  Other female rulers in the Kingdom include those holding noble titles of Duchess, Countess and Baroness.  They rule over  geographical areas in the Kingdom of Bellelealand, subject to the Queen and as long as they rule justly and abide by the laws of the Kingdom.  A Duchess is the highest ranking female after queen.  She rules over a Dukedom which is much like a state.  A Countess rules over a County (within a Dukedom) and a Baroness, over a Barony which is a city or town.  Noble titles are not granted to persons under the age of eighteen.  The exception is a "Ruling Princess."

After meeting with kingdom advisors and leaders of the Kingdom clans and families, the Queen of Bellelealand decided to allow for ruling princesses.  To insure that a princess is capable of ruling, she must first graduate from the Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies, THE PRINCESS ACADEMY.  Her studies prepare her for the responsibilities required by a ruler. Students of the Academy must apply to become a ruling princess in her second year.  If she qualifies and advisors can successfully find a clan or township willing to accept her rule, she begins a year probationary period upon her graduation from TPA.  If her probation is successful the Ruling Princess will be formally decreed the ruler of the land.  Special benefits are made to families and townships accepting ruling princess.

Under laws of the Kingdom, the Queen can decree the titles within the Queen's Royal Isles to those under the age of eighteen.  The title of "Princess of The Queen's Royal Isles"  can be bestowed on any female the Queen feels worthy of such title.  This title gives no rights to any land, property or rights to rule over any citizens.  Information regarding this title can be found to on the Princess Page and the Children's Title Page.  

THE PRINCESS ACADEMY,  Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies, was named in honor of Princess Kaytlin, Lady of Taylor (who uses her Elvin name "Inwe") and Princess Violette, Lady of Luna.  The ACADEMY is located on the island of Avona which is one of five islands designated as Queen's Royal Isles, located in the northern region of the Royal Dukedom of New Morandella in the Kingdom of Bellelealand.  Bellelealand has a strong Celtic heritage.  Its ancestors migrated and settled in the land during the Great Persecution of magical people centuries ago.

Those interested in attending THE PRINCESS ACADEMY who live in the Kingdom of Bellelealand  may apply for onsite housing at the ACADEMY.  Those not living in the Kingdom may attend classes through the new distance learning program.  Upon graduation, ladies are receive their formal royal decree to the title as Princess, a rhinestone tiara, kingdom medallion, maps of the Kingdom of Bellelealand Avona and  a lifetime membership as an alumni of the Theta Pi Alpha Sorority.  Those applying for ruling status, enter the one year probationary program.

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THE PRINCESS ACADEMY is offering Distance Learning. 2015 Fall semester is your next opportunity to enroll will be in December 2015 to attend the January Semester.



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