QPA  Bulletin Board

  kasmere     Congratulations to Kasmere, the new QPA Sorority President for this school year.  Kasmere is a fourth year student this Fall and the daughter of Gloefare Vale Tribal Leader, Hamrow.  She has become a strong leader and is looking forward to this last year at The Princess Academy before returning home to her people.  Congratulations, Kasmere.  All students will benefit from you love of people and strong personality.  
We have added cooking to the ciriculum.  It is an evening class.  If you wish to add this class, contact Lady Merissa before the end of September.
10 new students have enrolled this year, totally 47 students total.  When the new dormitory is completed next year, we will be able to accept twice as many new students. Important Message:   The First Sorority Board Meeting will be 14 October in the liabrary.