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What is your dream?  To be a princess or a knight or a wizard like in Harry Potter? 

Learn what it takes to become a princess or a wizard or a knight.

The Queen of Bellelealand is taking applications for Children Titles

All accepted applicants will become apprentices in their class and if successful in his/her training, receive a formal certificate and proclamation by the Queen.  To read more about becoming an apprentice, click on the title you wish to receive.

The Princess Academy Fall Semester Enrollment Coming Soon



Wizards Witches


Places of Magic

Your Magic Place


Knights must be show that they are honorable and will defend the Kingdom against all harm.

  Princesses learn to be respectful and kind, and  a true benefactor to her subjects.  

Princes train to be Kings, showing leadership and charity to his subjects. 

Wizards and witches study to share wise council about citizenship and governing people. 

Send an email to the Queen today and explain why you should be accepted as an apprentice.

  What a perfect gift for a special child. 

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