Knights of the Queen's Royal Isles

QRI Knights

Some people think there are no more knights in the world, but there are.  There are four knighthoods in Kingdom of Bellelealand:  Royal Order of the Queen's Court, Royal Order of the Keepers of the Flame, and Knights of the Queen's Royal Isles (the Knighthood for children under the age of 18). and  the Noble Order of the Gradiea. Knights are special persons dedicated to bettering their communities.  The Queen needs knights to protect the citizens of the kingdom.  She honors those who perform special service and reward them with knighthood becoming their dedication.  The King holds many titles, one being the Golden Knight of the Queen's Royal Court,

All knights must be good citizens and loyal to Her Majesty.  Knighthood comes with many responsibilities and they are respected by all citizens.

Traits of a Knight

Respect themselves and others

 Demonstrate loyalty and strong leadership

Exhibit courtesy, compassion and generosity

Devote him/herself to the service to their community

Display courage and fear no challenge

Defend the weak and oppose injustice

Search for wisdom, purpose and truth

Remain faithful to their pledged word


Exemplify Nobility, Humility and Knightly Honor in

Every Word and Every Deed, Every Day!


 If you want to become a knight in the kingdom and make it a better place to live, petition the Queen now

by sending her an Email Request.

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