Theta Pi Alpha Sorority QPA

2016-2017 President's Page


Message from President Kasmere from  Gloefare Vale: 
I am Kasmere and I am proud to be QPA president this coming year.
I have learned so much during my three years at The Princess Academy and it is a great honour to be president. When I came to The Princess Academy I thought that being a princess was foolish.  I wanted to be a warrior.  I have six older brothers and I wanted to be like them.  But, I have learned so much and now I understand that I can be a leader and lady and still be fierce.  I now know how to lesson to others and how to understand what is important to them and how to compromise.  Etiquette is used as a tool of respect.  I love all my sisters here at The Princess Academy and I hope I can make this year memorable and exciting.

My motto for this year is "Take the Challenge".  The things we do while we are in The Princess Academy prepare us for the world that awaits us.  The friendships we make her will last a lifetime.  The sorority colors for this year are brown and red symbolizing the earth and fire.  Our flower will be

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