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Being a princess sound so glamorous and fun.  But, it is really a big responsibility.   Most young girls think that if they were a princess they would be rich and wear beautiful clothes and go to parties all the time.  But, the reality is that not all princesses are beautiful or rich or even happy!

Actually, if you are not born a princess, the only way to become a princess is to marry a prince!  UNTIL NOW.
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Princess Crest

You can now study to become a princess by attending THE PRINCESS ACADEMY.  Upon graduation, the Queen of the Kingdom will actually bestow the title of Princess to you and give you your own kingdom to rule.  You must be at least 10 years old to apply to the Academy.

Spring Semester Registration Begins 15 December.

One-Time Registration $100      Each Class $20       Maximum 3 Classes Per Semester

Graduation Requires Successful Passage of a minimum of eight classes.

No Additional Graduation Fees

Graduates Receive:  Diploma, Investitures of the title of Princess by the Queen of the Kingdom of Bellelealand.  This includes Royal Decree of the Title, Map of the Island Kingdom You will Rule, Princess Medallion, Princess Tiara, and life-time alumni of the Theta Pi Alpha Sorority.


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