Princess Violette, Duchess of Luna


Vi red    Princess Violette, Lady of Luna, is the oldest daughter of Prince Royal Brandon and Princess Stephanie, Duke and Duchess of Brandfanie.  She is Princess Vivienne's older sister.  The Princess loves the Arts and is quite talented.  She draws and writes stories.  Her first novel, "Roxy Anderson, was published when she was thirteen years old. The diary of An Aspergian Warrior" was recently published when she was just thirteen years old.


The Princess, who prefers to be known as Luna, loves drama and has studying drama for many years.  As a child she performed in several plays, "The Wizard of OZ," "Cinderella," "Fiddler on the oof," "Mulan," "Seusical," "The Sound of Music,"  "The Odd Couple," "And Then There Were None" and "Cats". She directed  her first production recently as she started her senior year in high School.  Princess Luna also studies music and plays viola, flute and piano. 


The Academy was founded in 1999 by the Queen, whom is Violette's fraternal grandmother.  The Academy's name " Inwe-Luna School for Young Ladies" was named in honor of Princess Luna and her cousin, Princess Kaytlin, whose Elvin names is Inwe.


Her favorite band is Stuffed Animal Baby (your father, Prince Brandon's Band).  She also is a real Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, David Bowie and the Beatles fan.  The Princess also loves to read.  Some of her favorite books include "Harry Potter," "A Winkle in Time," The Bronze Bow" and the "Percy Jackson" books.  She is looking forward to this final year in high school before continuing her education at college.


Princess Luna also loves to travel and has visited Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and Scotland.  She hopes to travel more in the future.


Below are some pictures of the Princess and links to her book site and Prince Brandon's online music site.


violette.jpg (157439 bytes) Violette and Rosie Cats

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Roxy Anderson: The Diary of An Aspergian Warrior, as listed under Science Fiction & Fantasy           




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