Knighthoods of the Kingdom

There are three Royal Knight Orders in the

Kingdom of Bellelealand 

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The first order was founded immediately after the coronation of the Queen, the Royal Order of the Queen's Royal Court.  It was created to safeguard the royal family.  The first knight to received accolade was the King himself, His Royal Highness, King Duane, Duke of Chamlee.  His is known as the Golden Knight.  There is also a secret order in the Kingdom, the Absconditus Martis, sworn to secrecy.


The second order established was the Royal Order of the Keepers of the Flame.  This knighthood was founded to honour the fire fighters of the world as everyday they must battle the fiercest dragon of all, FIRE.  All those petitioning for title to this knighthood must be fire fighters.



Young boys wishing to become knights may join the Royal Order of the Queen's Royal Isles.  This order is for young people wishing to become knights in a noble kingdom.  Those granted title learn about  what is meant to be loyal, honorable and defender of the crown.  (More information available on the Children's Title page.)


The newest order in the Kingdom is the Noble Order of the Gratiea.  This Order is for the ladies of the kingdom who wish to follow the ideals of the order, those of Joy, Beauty, Charm and Happiness.  This Order was founded by the Princess D'Ann, Duchess of Kathleen's Isles.  The Keeper of the Gradiea is Lady Daphne.

For more information regarding becoming a knight or a noble in Bellelealand, Petition the Queen. 

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