Princes Rule!

Most boys don't want to admit that they want to be a Prince, because of the Princes Charming stuff.  But all that stuff in girls fairytale stories is not what being a princes is all about.  You are a member of the Royal Family and have a lot of responsibilities, and you cannot be a king without being a prince.  It's tough work!  You must be wise, fair and respected, and a true leader  Some are born princes, others can received title to the Queen's Royal Isles, and work towards being a great ruler!!  If you don't want to be a prince, perhaps becoming a knight is more your style.  Check out knighthoods.


Knowledgeable - A Prince is able to communicate intelligently with his citizens.  He is informed of what is happening in his community and able to converse with others regarding events and public needs.

Unselfish - A Prince is a position of privilege.  He uses his influence to help his fellow citizens, rather than using his station for self-benefit.  He is a good listener and makes decisions based on the needs and advise of others.

Hero Figure - A Prince is a master of at least one trait.  In past history it may have been swordsmanship or horsemanship or tournaments of sport.  All Princes must discover his own personal strengths and develop them to the highest level possible.  This enables him to lead others to find and master talents they possess.


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