The Royal Family of  Bellelealand

The Kingdom was founded in 1997.  Queen Ernylee is the 1st ruler of the Land.  The Queen is married to the Duane, Duke of Chamlee and has three children and three grandchildren.  They all hold  titles of Prince/Princess Royal.  They all  have also received titles of Duke/Duchess and rule their respective Royal Dukedoms.

The Queen also has two sisters.  They also hold the title of Princess Royal.  They too have titles as Duchess.  Other royal family members have been granted titles from Her Majesty,  the Queen.  The Kingdom's Spiritual Leader is the Pope of the Kingdom, who is also the husband of one of the Queen's sisters and a Duke in his own right.  Some of the royal family members hold additional  titles bestowed upon them for their deeds and favor to the Queen.  

Each year the Kingdom has Royal Ball.  All the nobility of the Kingdom gather to celebrate the founding of the Kingdom and new nobility are inducted. 

Queen Ernylee I, Her Majesty, 1st Rule of the Kingdom

King Duane, Duke of Chamlee

Princess Royal Mealii, Duchess of Mea's Island

              Prince Marcos, Duke of Mea's Island

Princess Royal Jennifer, Duchess of the Royal Alliance

             Prince Royal Cody, Duke of Masonbury

             Princess Royal Kaytlin, Duchess of Taylor

Prince Royal Brandon, Duke of Brandfanie

         Married to Princess Stephanie, Duchess of Brandfanie

             Princess Royal Violette, Duchess of Luna

             Princess Royal Vivienne, Lady of Diane 

Princess Royal Cheryl Ann, Duchess of Josephan (Sister of the Queen)

         Married to Prince Raphael, Duke of Josephan and Pope of the Realm

             Racenia, Duchess of Boland

                 Married to Danny, Duke of  Boland

                     Princess Ashley of the Queen's Royal Isles

                     Princess Mallory of the Queen's Royal Isles

                     Prince Darrel of the Queen's Royal Isles

             Rachelle, Duchess of Snipplewood

                     Princess Shylah of the Queen's Royal Isles

                     Prince Logan of the Queen's Royal Isles

                     Prince Micah of the Queen's Royal Isles

             Kyle, Duke of Boydom

                   Married to Tara,  Duchess of Boydom

                      Princess Faith of the Queen's Royal Isles

                      Princess Taylor of the Queen's Royal Isles

                      Prince RJ of the Queen's Royal Ilses

Princess Royal Dona Lynn, Duchess of Jonesmarx (Sister of the Queen)

Lucy, Duchess of Vallejoworl (Sister of the King)

          Married to John, Duke of Vallejoworl

              Suzannah, Duchess of Tivah

                  Married to Brain, Duke of Tivah 

                     Prince Duncan of the Queen's Royal Isles

              Robert, Duke of Tiljoy

                  Married to Becca, Duchess of Tiljoy

                     Princess Anabelle of the Queen's Royal Isles

                     Prince Bradley of the Queen's Royal Isles

Richard, Duke of Champagne (Brother-in-Law of the King)

Her Majesty, Queen Ernylee

 IKing Duane

King Duane, H.R.H.

        cody               Princess Vivienne           Brandon and Steph
      Jenn and Kayt              Mea and Marcos             Vi red



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