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Well, Harry Potter sure has changed the world, hasn't he?  Some parents are frightened by it all, talk of wizards and witches!  The Kingdom of Bellelealand has both wizards and witches, some good, some not, just like people here in the earthly world.  The girls have their choice, Witch or Wizard, for those who do not like the "witch" title.

The Queen established the Queen's Royal Isles, especially for children.  To receive a noble title to the Kingdom of Bellelealand,, the recipient must be  eighteen years old.  The titles to the Queen's Royal Isles allows children to become a part of the Kingdom and gives them a chance to better understand the responsibilities and duties of the titles they received. . 

Below is a map of the Isle of Borba of the Queen's Royal Isles.  The Queen's Royal Isles consists of six islands off the northwestern coast of the Dukedom of New Morandella.    Borba is where young wizard apprentices train at Mt. Celtizar Academy of Wizardry .


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